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18 October 2015 @ 01:22 pm
permissions post  

even Sam's interested! .gif by vt_graphics

Threadjacking: preffered not, but ask?

Backtagging: Yup :D

Casual Touching/Hugging: : he'll probably raise brows even if he knows you - Dean craves affection, sure - but he doesn't show it. So, be prepared for some teasing and effort to get one back?

Kissing: he's probably gonna be a little more open with this than the above - especially if you're hot and he likes ya.

Sex: he's sexual by nature, and very open about it, so.. yes. Go nuts. FTB is also fine, just ask!

Relationships: considering the longest relationships Dean's had are with his Impala and his little brother and father - not a very good place for him. He doesn't do commitment, and even without his lifestyle as a Hunter, he'd probably shy away from it. If you're a friend, though? He's loyal and will have your back.

Punching/Fighting: come at me bro!

Death: Ask first, please. Mun is not a fan or anything permanent, but then.. it never is on SPN!

Anything Else: If applicable to anyone, mun ships both Wincest and Destiel, but it isn't necessary. :D
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