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Dean Winchester

...no, I'm Mulder - you're a red-headed woman

Dean Winchester || Supernatural
24 January
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in this car, on the road... we make our journey~

...when John Winchester goes missing, Dean goes to Stanford to enlist the help of the brother he hasn't spoken to for a couple of years. After spending an unsuccessful weekend trying to track down John, in which the two brothers seem to re-bond whilst working to uncover the legend of the Woman in White, Sam returns to Stanford, despite Dean's obvious desire for him to stay.

Sam's girlfriend, Jessica Moore, who had no idea of the life he lead before they met, is killed in the same manner as their mother was some twenty years previously, and he then joins Dean to continue the search for their father and killing monsters along the way... as they hunt the demon who caused the deaths of their loved ones, for revenge.


RP journal - mun and muse are 18+ || this Dean is Season 01-based

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